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All Sales are Final. All items are sold "As is, where is". and there is no warranty implied, written or verbal as to the condition, accuracy or value of any item sold. Your bid is your promise to pay unless you are outbid by another bidder. Do not bid unless you are prepared to honor your commitment. Once you have placed a bid, it cannot be canceled. PLEASE NOTE: ITEMS IN THIS AUCTION (WORLD WAR II MEMORABILIA AND COLLECTIBLE COINS AND CURRENCY) HAVE NOT BEEN VALIDATED NOR AUTHENTICATED. BIDDERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PRACTICE DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE PLACING ANY BIDS. PLEASE SEND ADDITIONAL INQUIRIES TO FOR MORE INFORMATION BEFORE PLACING YOUR BIDS. All firearms sold will be processed through a local FFL. Books related to Collecting Book 6th SS Gebirgs Division Nord Book Jaeger Battallion Light Infantry Book The Iron Cross of 1939 The Oxford Duden German Dictionary German English Pocket Dictionary Book Last Days of the Third Reich Book Belt Buckles and Brocades of the Third Reich Catalogue of German Organizations Medals and Awards (in German) Book Detecting the Fakes Book Nazi Regalia My Life in the Middle of the 20th Century, Herman Max Gerhard (photocopy) Book German Army Uniforms and insignia 1933-1945 Book Germany's Combat Helmets 1933 to 1945 Book For Germany, the Otto Skorzeny Memoirs Book Autograph Book Das Kreuz (Iron Cross winners and Third Reich celebrities) Book Book Edged Weapons of Hitler's Germany Book Nazi Decorations and Medals 1933-1945 (soft cover, inexpensive production) Book SS Head Gear A Collector's Guide Book German World War 2 Medals and Political Awards; Satellite States Book German Uniforms of the Third Reich 1933-1945 Book Collectors Guide to Storm Troop Insignia Book SS Regalia cover Books Lili Marlene vol 1 and vol 2 (20th Century Military and Political Battles) Book Price Guide Germany 1871-1945 (in 3 languages) Book Signatures of the Third Reich (identifying Key Nazi Figures by their signatures) Book The Wittmann German Dagger Price guide for 2004 Period Collectable Books and postcards Herman Goering signature on calling card Kampf ums Driettereich (propaganda piece with photos) in German Olympia 1936 volume 1 and volume 2 (2 volume set of the Berlin 1936 Olympic games) in German Bilder vom Weltkriege 1914 World War I 1914 book (in German) Period postcard Beerhall Putzsch Memorial period postcard from Munich VHS tape Triumph of the Will Stamp Album with some Third Reich stamps Historic Military Newspapers Suddendeutsche Illustrierte Zeitung 9-1-15 (good condition) Suddendeutsche Illustrierte Zeitung 4-22-1917 Suddendeutsche Illustrierte Zeitung 5-20-1917 (good condition) Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung 9-17-1942 (worn and tattered) Mini Propaganda Book Des Fuhrers Kamp in Holland Media DVD Marche der Wehrmacht 2 DVDs on Nazi SS Units World War I collectables WWI Belt and Buckle WWI belt buckle dent in center Nazi Party and Affiliated Organizations Front Heil Veterans Organization Belt Buckle Nazi Automobile Club armband SA Sports badge 3 SA gorgets DRL Sports Badge for Disabled Veterans Member Pin organization of private gardeners in Nazi Germany Party Badge Youth Fest, June 1933 Reichs Party Day 1937 Medallion unknown early organization belt buckle early SS buckle SA Ski trophy pin DAF pin Third Reich issue WWI Veterans Medal SS Officer Belt Buckle 1935 Party Congress issue SA Berlin Brigade Fuhrer collar tabs Honor Cross of the World War German Militaria (D.Turnerbund 1919 Plaque) (Sudetenland) D.Turnerbund member medal (Sudetenland) Sudetenland Union medal Wehrmacht Sports Shirt emblem DAF pin Civilian employee of the Wehrmacht armband SS Achievement Medal (no case) set SS Achievement Award, ribbon Iron Cross 1st class, epaulet (in case) SS Parade Banner Hitler Jugend dagger Uniforms SS Obersturmfuhrer Brasack White Summer Uniform with belt and buckle (no cap) SS Obersturmfuhrer Keppler Grey Uniform with Cap (no belt or buckle) SS enlisted uniform-signal operator Tank Service uniform-Kuban sleeve shield SS Gebirgs Uniform Field Police SS Grey Uniform Demjansk Pocket sleeve emblem SS Camouflage Smock Plane Tree Pattern blue double breasted frock coat with red cuffs and collars – period unknown Caps Wehrmacht (Heer) field cap SS Field Cap Cap belonging to L. Metz served at Treblinka SS Enlisted Visor Cap Dutch SS Visor Cap Andre von Loenen Dutch SS volunteer Visor Cap Dirk van Loenen SS Summer Visor Cap (no name) Wehrmacht trapazoid cap Panzer Grenadier Visor Cap Aron Kjaer Luftwaffe Helmet W. Pohl Wehrmacht Heer helmet SS M-42 camouflage helmet West Wall (?) belt buckle Medals and Badges WWII Iron Cross 2nd Class, has been pieced for chain Tank Battle Badge 50 engagements General Assault Badge 25 Battles 8 year service with the SS medal Winter Service Eastern Front 1941-42 (not in box) WinterService Eastern Front 1941-42 (in box) Submarine service badge Female truck driver badge NSKK Luftwaffe cockade for visor cap Luftwaffe pilot’s badge Wehrmacht Bahnschutzepolizei cap eagle Dagger tinnie Replica tunic eagle Air Crew badge 4 Iron Cross Stick pins 4 Awards stick pins Insignia 2 Luftwaffe aircrew 1 Kriegsmarine flight crew Luftwaffe Qualification Badge Box with Wehrmacht shoulder epaulets Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon Box (top) infantry & artillery signals, (BR) small arms Ordance Personnel (BL) Luftwaffe driver set Ribbons for medals shoulder eagles Wehrmacht and campaign bar iron cross 2nd class ribbon Search Light administrator’s insignia Panzer Grenadier insignia SS Cap eagle with swastika Theodore Eicke sleeve band Grey/white ribbon for medal Helmets Hitler Youth Helmet (or toy helmet) SS Helmet Russian Volunteer (name inside) Awards Obersturmfurhrer Werner Bleichrudt-trophy stein Iron Cross 1st Class Unknown trophy cup SS Dagger with motto on one side excised SA Dagger Kriegsmarine dagger letter opener U-47 Party dagger letter opener Luftwaffe dagger letter opener Luftwaffe dagger handle damaged Other items Austrian Medal: The 1916 Karl Troop Cross (Karl-Truppenkreuz) with ribbon Austrian Medal: The 1916 Karl Troop Cross (Karl-Truppenkreuz) no ribbon Prussian Commemorative Koniggratz 1866 medal Poltzoi handcuffs Pair of pistol grips damaged Minefield flag Field match box Sweetheart gift “I dance with you in the sky” handkerchief Wehrmacht Mess Serving dish metal ring with picture of Luftwaffe Pilot significance unknown American 48 Flag brass belt buckle 2 American brass uniform buttons 1 Korean War Era US Air Force Uniform (no Cap) 1 Korean War Era US Air Force Poncho Postwar Collectables logo of Socialist Unity Party of Germany (East Germany) East German Youth Organization post war 2 Szocialista Brigad pins post-communist Hungary (large and small) circa 1989 Grunwald Metal, Poland Post War Bundeswehr Enlisted Man's Uniform 18th Panzer Brigade Korean War Era Air Force Tunics, shirt 2 styles trousers Korean War Era Air Force Poncho and rain cover for cap NATO German Officer's Tunic Coins include American and European gold pieces World War II Occupation script and Military script issued to US forces Coins dating back to 1801 from Europe, Mexico and the United States

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