Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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First, whether participating in an online auction or “live” auction, you must register to bid before the auction closes. Preferably before the auction actually begins. Once you are registered, you will receive a bidder’s paddle with a number on it. You are responsible for any bids made on this number paddle. Do not lose it and hand it in at the end of the auction. This is for you to use when placing a bid. Be sure to hold it up so that the auctioneer can see it. It is acceptable to shout out your bid. Just make sure you are acknowledged by the auctioneer by your paddle number. To register for a "live" auction, you will need a current driver’s license or state identification. For online auctions you will need to give a $100.00 refundable deposit by credit card to the online auction company. It is important that you give a current credit card with enough open credit to cover the refundable deposit. If your credit card is declined for the deposit, you will not be able to bid on the auction. Your credit card information is not kept on file and your transaction(s) are processed securely.

You must have a current California Resale Certificate on file with Silicon Valley Auction Service to be exempt from California sales tax. Sorry, out of state resellers – the State of California does not recognize out of state resale numbers. You can obtain a California Resale Certificate by contacting and requesting one. A copy of your California Resale Permit is not acceptable. Only the California Resale Certificate. If you are a qualified California reseller, make sure you enter your information before bidding and before the end of the auction. If you request reseller status after the auction has ended and you have not registered for California reseller status, you will be charged sales tax and then have to wait to have your sales tax refunded once status is verified. Once you are registered, you have acknowledged that you accept the Terms and Conditions of the auction. Now you are ready to place a bid. For online bids, follow the directions per the online auction company.


All sales are FINAL. All items are sold "As is, Where is" and there is no warranty implied, written or verbal as to the condition, accuracy or value of any item sold. Your bid is your promise to pay unless you are outbid by another bidder. Do not bid unless you are prepared to honor your commitment. Once you have placed a bid, it cannot be canceled.

The Buyer’s Premium is the percentage charged on the hammer price (winning bid) of the lot that must be paid by the winning bidder. It is charged by the auction house to cover administrative expenses associated with the auction. This is paid directly to the auction house and not to the seller.

After the end of the auction, once you have received your final invoice, you have options on how to pay for you items. We do not accept payment for your items until the auction is over. "LIVE" AUCTION PAYMENTS: We accept cash or Major Credit Cards or Debit Cards. Sorry, no personal checks or business checks unless arrangements have been made with the auctioneer prior to the auction. ONLINE AUCTION PAYMENTS: Cash. Wire Transfer or Major Credit Card or Debit Card. FULL SETTLEMENT TO BE MADE ON DAY OF SALE. Credit card payments will be processed within 48 hours after the close of the auction. All sales are final and are payable at the conclusion of the sale. A buyer`s premium and local sales tax will be charged on all purchases. Credit card used to register will be used to process payments due at the end of the auction unless prior arrangements are made with the auctioneer. Your registration with credit card authorizes Silicon Valley Auction Service to use this credit card for payment. We use Bank of America Merchant Services to process credit and debit card payments. Bank of America has provided us with a terminal to process credit/debit cards using a chip card or we may accept your payment over the telephone. Your credit card number is not stored in our terminal or in any of our electronic devices or on paper in our files. Credit/Debit cards used for payment(s) must be in the name of the registered bidder. No third party payments accepted. You will receive a copy of your receipt by text message or email. All firearms sold will be processed through a local FFL. CHARGEBACKS: As a condition to registration and bidding, Buyer agrees that Buyer will not, under any circumstance, initiate a chargeback to Buyer's credit card. Buyer further agrees that Buyer is waiving any chargeback rights that may exist under the agreement between Buyer and Buyer's credit card company. Should a chargeback be initiated by Buyer, these terms and conditions will be conclusive evidence of Buyer's waiver of any chargeback rights. All sales are final.

NON-PAYMENT: If any Buyer fails to pay their invoice in full within the time herein specified, Silicon Valley Auction Service reserves the right to charge the Buyer's credit card that was used to register Online.

If you are attending a “live” auction you can usually pick up your item(s) the same day after the end of the auction and your invoice has been paid in full. In some cases arrangements can be made with the auctioneer to pick up item(s) on another day. This is solely at the discretion of the auctioneer. Whether you pick up your item(s) the same day or on another day, your invoice must be paid in full on the day and at the end of the auction. If you need to arrange for a third party to pick up any of your item(s), you must let the auctioneer know the name of the person and their company name, phone number and time of pickup. The person picking up your items should have a copy of your invoice as well. For online auctions, REMOVAL OF PURCHASES, We do not have resources for shipping. Buyer must arrange for a carrier service to pick up and ship their items. Cost, responsibility, and risk of removal of purchases remain with the BUYER! Buyer must arrange to pick up by the date stated in the auction terms and have items shipped at buyer's expense. NO EXCEPTIONS. It is the Buyer`s responsibility to restore/repair all real or personal property that is altered or damaged as a result of the removal. Purchases must be removed from the premises in the time allocated as announced and/or posted by the Auctioneer. Silicon Valley Auction Service reserves the right to charge the Buyer for the costs of storage and/or disposal beyond the removal period. Items not picked up in the time allocated will be considered abandoned. NO purchases may be removed until after the conclusion of the sale.

The terms and conditions of each individual auction let the bidder know what they are acknowledging and accepting when placing a bid and their promise to pay for their winning bid(s) at the end of auction. It also gives information regarding Buyer’s Premium, payment terms, sales tax, shipping and pickup instructions. When you register for any auction, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions as stated.

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