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We have solutions for you...

Do you have a job that you have been postponing because it is time consuming or objectionable? Has the death of a loved one left you in a difficult position? Do your emotions cloud your ability to dispose of things that are no longer of use?

Sorting out years of accumulated “treasures” can be an arduous, tedious task.  Often times it is overwhelming and frustrating. Is it worth anything? Are there any unidentified valuables? What is collectable, antique or recyclable? Should I discard it or try to sell it?

We have solutions for you...

Reaching retirement ready to sell that big house and move to your dream retirement home? Only want to enjoy life now and not be saddled with too much stuff?  Ready to clear out all those years of memorabilia accumulated from the kids and jobs?  Do you need to trim away all those things that just aren’t needed anymore but don’t know where to begin?  Do time constraints present you with the dilemma of how to get it all done?

We have solutions for you...

Do you want to sell your home?  Are you being transferred to another city or state?  Realtors tell us that houses show better with fewer items but where should you begin?  What will we need during the interim, should some things be packed for immediate use and others packed to be stored? 

We have solutions for you...

Do you live away from your property? Has your property become unsightly or unmanageable?  Are you physically unable to remove the clutter yourself? Do you have an apartment, house, garage or any other property that is “literally” unusable because of clutter beyond your control? 

We have solutions for you...

 Is your company moving?  Organization and preparation are essential to the successful move.  We can inventory, package and label each department and workstation. We can have it delivered to your new location on the required date and delivered to each new department and workstation.  When you and your employees arrive, unpack your boxes and you are ready to work!


Our professional staff offers services, which can eliminate your concerns, sort out jumbled chaos, and identify valuable, useful items, which can be turned to profit, recycled or donated to your favorite charity.

A bonded representative will meet with you and give you a free, no obligation estimate of the costs to accomplish your task.

We will photograph, catalog, describe and record the location of each item as it is identified. The completed inventory will be presented with all information clearly defined. Upon completion you can clearly determine the disposition of your property. According to your instructions unwanted usable items can be donated to charitable organizations. We will make every effort to recycle as many unwanted items as possible. Personal papers and sensitive items will be secured in separate boxes for you.

Your things are now ready for moving, shipping, storage, sale or auction.

Please call us at (408) 839-1304
for more information!



There is no cost or charge for us to meet with you and go over with you the
cost and terms that are connected with the items that you wish to have appraised
or to have disposed of and how our "Low Cost Guarantee" will work for you.

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