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Estate AuctionIn an Auction the items are UNPRICED and the price is started lower and raised by the bids. In an Estate Sale, the items are sorted, cleaned, numbered and PRICED. The buyers come and wish to try and get the prices reduced, but the good Estate Sale professional will not reduce the price.

Auctions usually are for one (1) day but Estate Sales are usually held for a three (3) day period of time from 9:00 AM until 5:30 PM

Something you will want to do is decide if you want to do the sale yourself or hire a professional. The advantage to doing the sale yourself is you don’t have to pay a percentage of the money to someone else. The professional gives you a number of advantages when you pick a qualified one.

Check to see if the person is bonded and certified as appraisers. Also find out if the person does estate sales on a regular basis or only when the notion strikes. Avoid the fly by night that isn’t knowledgeable in all the various item and marketing possibilities. A professional will come with a virtual library of knowledge and experience and references, the amateur tries to bluff their way through and stick any price on something.

The next step in a profitable estate sale is advertising. I am sure most people have seen the homemade, garage or estate sale signs tacked up to fence posts or telephone poles with writing that is too small or simply illegible. In most cases the only thing you can do is hope there are arrows on each sign and that they are facing in the correct direction.

Most professionals will have direction signs with the address, directions and some of the top merchandise such as dolls, antiques, depression glass and tools listed.

For the entire week before the sale ads should be placed on a Web Site and in all the media newspapers. This may cost $500 to $600 but in the long run will pay off. Make sure the ads give a web site map for directions from the closest freeways or major roads as well as greater detail than the signs as to what all is offered.

There are people that check for these types of sales on a regular basis. Not all of them are going to be antique dealers either, but Collectors and resellers too. That is why you want to list as much listed as you can have to catch the eye of readers.

Estate sales take time. Depending on the volume of merchandise, the sale can take from a two (2) to three (3) days to be done correctly. It will take the professional about a week to prepare and a week to advertise the sale. When having an Estate Sale, take the extra time to clean the better pieces like glassware, pottery, porcelain and nice pieces of furniture. People are more likely to not only buy but to pay more for something that looks good and not covered in greasy dust or dirt.

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